About Us

We are a band of adventurers off to find magical artifacts, kill evil mages, dethrone warmongering tyrants and occasionally save the world.

Wait, let me try that again.

We’re a bunch of nerds who are so addicted to playing Dungeons and Dragons that we forget to sleep sometimes. We’re a group of DMs and players who shuffle between playing Adventurers League and homebrew games.

Aside from spending sleepless nights rolling dice and taking names, we also organize Adventurers League events.

the rogue the sorc the bard
Tagabalon The Rogue
Game Developer, writer, frustrated artist
Self-confessed Swiftie

Danika the Sorcerer
Excessive hoarder of yellow things
Hates rabbit food

Ninjagal the Bard
Token Chinese girl
Can eat more ginger than you

the wiz the owlbear
 Febie the Wizard
Social Media
Corporate Slave™
Sleeps with cats
Bear the Owlbear
Not that kind of bear
Not really good with handling money
the dragon  the barb

Tiamarik the Dragon Queen
Social Media
Skin like snow, lips as red as the blood of her enemies
Accepts offerings of salted egg and lollipops

 Lance the Barbarian
Other token Chinese person
Allergic to mangoes