AA-Mnl Presents: EPICENTER 2017


Something stirs, the earth trembles, a new enemy arises. We look upon you, brave adventurers of Toril, to heed the call and confront those who dare threaten our lands.

As the sixth season of Adventurers League comes to a close, we offer you an opportunity to assemble and fight the forces that are shaking the Forgotten Realms down to its core. Join us, as we take our stand right at the EPICENTER

EPICENTER 2017 is a gathering of Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League (DDAL) players across Metro Manila and beyond. It features two exclusive adventures that offers every player, from different tables, the chance to work together in surpassing an EPIC undertaking.

Presented in partnership with iAcademy and King Sue, EPICENTER 2017 will also feature regular adventures from all six seasons of AL, third-party designers, or convention-created contents (CCC). Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire will also drop by to give opportunities for players to trade their magical items.

Day 1 (August 19) – DDAL Adventures and DDAL Epic (DDEP06-01)

Relics of Khundrukar (Tier 1 – Tier 2)

Khundrukar held many fine implements of war in its heyday, many of them now lost to time. Clues point to some of the long dead Master Smith Durgeddin’s handy work in the service of sinister forces that bid their time deep in the Underdark. Reclaim the riches of Khundrukar from the darkness if you dare.

Day 2 (August 20) – DDAL Adventures and DDAL Epic (DDEP06-03)

Hectacomb (Tier 3 – Tier 4)

Far below the reach of the sun, dark forces seek to bring a terrible darkness into Faerun. A great and awful host of drow, giants, and worse await your arrival. When even the dead tremble, what hope can you find?

AL Adventures: For a complete of other games aside from EPIC, visit this link.

Venue: iAcademy Auditorium, iAcademy Plaza 323 Sen. Puyat Ave., Makati City.

Fees: Free entrance, participating in a game costs Php 300.00 for One-Day / Php 500.00 for Two-Days inclusive of lunch.

Registration: To register, click this link.

Welcome to the Jungle

Wizards of the Coast announced its upcoming storyline, Tomb of Annihilation, during its streaming event Stream of Annihilation, held last June 2 and 3.


For Tomb of Annihilation, Chris Perkins returns as design lead, joined by Will Doyle, Steve Winter and Adam Lee. Pendleton Ward, the man behind the award-winning animated show Adventure Time, helped realize this new adventure that focuses on the mysterious island of Chult.

The upcoming adventure is designed for parties of level 1 to 11, and players will face a curse that afflicts everyone who’s ever been raised from the dead. The cause of this curse is a necromancer’s artifact, called the Soulmonger; and it doesn’t just affect those who have came back to life, but also stops spells and similar means to bring people back to life from working.


The island of Chult is located south of the Sword of Coast in the Forgotten Realms, and it is a place filled with dinosaurs, undead, and undead dinosaurs. It is a dangerous jungle of a land, surrounded by impassable mountains and fuming volcanoes. The remaining bastion of civilization in this vast land is the Port of Nyanzaru, a small port city located on the Bay of Chult at the mouth of the river Soshentar. It is a diverse and strange city, where dinosaurs racing on the streets are commonplace. The city is controlled by seven merchant princes, and they have the monopoly on certain trade. Players can also find several guides to help them survive the perils of Chult.


     Tomb of Annihilation is inspired by the classic adventure Tomb of Horrors, and sees the return of Acererak, a powerful wizard that turned into a lich. The campaign is a non-linear adventure, and it allows players to explore and uncover the story in different ways.

Chris Perkin’s full interview with Dungeon Life can be seen here:

     Tomb of Annihilation arrives September 19, 2017.



A First Time for Everything

May 1 is Labor Day, a regular holiday in the Philippines. And what better way to celebrate the fruits of our labors than to play Dungeons and Dragons.

We hosted our very first mini-convention this first of May at TNC High Grounds Cafe, in Tomas Morato. The event started at 11 in the morning and lasted until late in the afternoon. Seven Dungeon Masters ran seven Adventurers League games, for tier 1 and tier 2 characters.

Around forty players attended the mini-convention; we even had “veteran” D&D players joining a table, and some newcomers too. At the end of the day, we had tons of fun and met dozens of new people. We were all so happy to spread the joy of Dungeons and Dragons, and we are looking forward to more mini-conventions in the future. Who knows, maybe we can make this a monthly thing. That wouldn’t be so bad.