Welcome to the Jungle

Wizards of the Coast announced its upcoming storyline, Tomb of Annihilation, during its streaming event Stream of Annihilation, held last June 2 and 3.


For Tomb of Annihilation, Chris Perkins returns as design lead, joined by Will Doyle, Steve Winter and Adam Lee. Pendleton Ward, the man behind the award-winning animated show Adventure Time, helped realize this new adventure that focuses on the mysterious island of Chult.

The upcoming adventure is designed for parties of level 1 to 11, and players will face a curse that afflicts everyone who’s ever been raised from the dead. The cause of this curse is a necromancer’s artifact, called the Soulmonger; and it doesn’t just affect those who have came back to life, but also stops spells and similar means to bring people back to life from working.


The island of Chult is located south of the Sword of Coast in the Forgotten Realms, and it is a place filled with dinosaurs, undead, and undead dinosaurs. It is a dangerous jungle of a land, surrounded by impassable mountains and fuming volcanoes. The remaining bastion of civilization in this vast land is the Port of Nyanzaru, a small port city located on the Bay of Chult at the mouth of the river Soshentar. It is a diverse and strange city, where dinosaurs racing on the streets are commonplace. The city is controlled by seven merchant princes, and they have the monopoly on certain trade. Players can also find several guides to help them survive the perils of Chult.


     Tomb of Annihilation is inspired by the classic adventure Tomb of Horrors, and sees the return of Acererak, a powerful wizard that turned into a lich. The campaign is a non-linear adventure, and it allows players to explore and uncover the story in different ways.

Chris Perkin’s full interview with Dungeon Life can be seen here:

     Tomb of Annihilation arrives September 19, 2017.